QB Addins – Excel import tool

QB Addins – Excel import tool

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Excel import tool

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Allow Seamless Flow of Data from QB Addins - Export Import Tool

Allow the seamless flow of the data into the QuickBooks from excel spreadsheet with Elate QBAddins excel import tool. It reduces errors as well as saves hours of data entry for the users. Import as well as export all transaction data from the purchase order, sales order, payments, receipts, credit notes, purchase bills, sales invoices, debit notes, journals, quotations and more into QuickBooks with Elate QBAddins import-export tool with a click of a button. Inside the QuickBooks system application, all the data and reports get seamlessly ported to inappropriate vouchers. 

Why are we unique?

We are the largest trustworthy dealer of all sorts of IT software. With QuickBooks and the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins, we implement solutions for your industry in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sharjah, and all over the Middle East. We convey together the key functions as well as features of property management into one authoritative solution. Besides that, it permits property managers to automate repetitive responsibilities, lesson add-ons, and release stress. To see why thousands of property managers have switched to the QuickBooks and the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins, book a free demo.

Steps to Import transactions into QuickBooks from Excel with Export-Import Tool

Steps to Import transactions into QuickBooks from Excel with Export-Import Tool


Step 1: Open the QuickBooks database file in the software.

Step 2: By providing the authenticated username and password, login into the QB Addins application.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate voucher by clicking on the import button on the top menu.

Step 4: Select the excel template that you want to upload.

Step 5: To choose the excel template, click select the file and then, click ok.


In the excel template, it will start populating all the transactions. After that, the user can click on the insert button in order to upload the transactions directly into QuickBooks. In addition to that, it will also display the total number of records once the upload is completed in the Elate QB Addins – Excel import tool.

The key to your Business's Ultimate Success

functionalities in Elate QB Addins

There is continually a void of unconventional features and functionalities in Elate QB Addins. Efficient accountants feel that it helps them a lot in achieving their organizational goals. Since accountants are way more committed to numbers, they constantly find it difficult to work with a single application. However, Elate QB Addins will eradicate tediously as well as manual data entry by automating the entire process. Besides that, it also allows you to review the whole kit and caboodle in one place. To deal with difficult bookkeeping tasks as well as unleash extra efficiency within the organization, QuickBooks software is an excellent way to do that. Intuit QuickBooks Online is a business accounting as well as financial management software. 

User-friendly interface

It permits users to establish their customer data, finance, and track sales for handling the business as well as serving their clients. Subsequently offering an assortment of different versions of the software to fit anyone’s requirements, we offer QuickBooks system software with a magnificent response for private endeavours. With a basic and user-friendly interface, QuickBooks accounting software has arisen as a means of bookkeeping experts’ preference across the world. Making it accessible by any place using the web, we offer independent service or software as a service. To confirm that all of your accounting necessities are fulfilled, we will work with you. Besides that, we will also check that the software can support you with a complete selection of accounting services. 


To access real-time, transparent, and accurate financial reports, give full control to your landlords with Elate Real Estate Management Software (Elate TMS- Basic).

  • Export and download reports in desired formats
  • Sort reports based on the property types, tenancy status, locations, and more

Custom Invoices

Grounded on how often you would like your books to be restructured, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins collaborates with the routine of your organization. Be it per week, once per month, or every quarter, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins is there for you at every stage of business. It supports you with any aspect of the accounts outsourcing facilities within the organization. To know more about QuickBooks and the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins, contact us and get a free demo.

Why Choose Elate QB Addins – Excel import tool for Business?


Top-rated customer experience

The export-import tool of Elate QB Addins is always on top in terms of customer satisfaction.


Proactive support

To continuously analyse your problem, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins takes the extra steps and provides the best possible service anytime.


One-Stop-Shop for all your needs

To manage all of your business needs and requirements, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins has the expertise to assist you thoroughly.


On-time and cost-effective

Ensuring the quality standards on time with affordable price, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins delivers solutions to your organization.

When do you need Elate QB Addins in your Business?

By linking your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks, Elate QB Addins automatically keeps track of your bills and expenses. With this feature, all of your expenditures are copied as well as categorized. Elate QB Addins plays a significant in the organization irrespective of size and type of the organization. Without these addins, the organization will find it difficult to manage all their tasks effectively and efficiently. Here are some situations where you need Elate QB Addins in your business:


  1. Your account balances as well as finance-related reports don’t seem right.
  2. Your file often runs slower or displays error signals.
  3. You can’t find the reports you need for coming up with events with worthy business decisions.
  4. Your bookkeeping is compelling more time because it is conflicting with what you believe it needs to be.
  5. Your tax preparer declares that your file must be cleaned up before they handle your taxes. But, you don’t know what to do.
  6. Your declarations in the business are not in balance.
  7. You are unable to get your financial data and records reconciled.


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