QB Addins – Journal Voucher (Format)

QB Addins – Journal Voucher (Format)

AED 599.00

Journal Voucher (Format)

AED 599.00

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Customize Journal Vouchers with Elate QB Addins

QuickBooks doesn’t have the proper option to print the journal voucher as per your needs and requirements by default. However, with the help of Elate QB Addins of Journal Voucher, this drawback is covered. This application helps you to print the journal vouchers as well as customize them according to the needs of your business organization. 

Through an integrated application, QuickBooks can print payment vouchers easily. You can use it to pay an outside vendor as well as to transfer money within your entity. In addition to that, the Journal Voucher of Elate QB Addins authorizes you to synchronize the live data instinctively. Besides that, you can easily tailor vouchers as per your preferred format.

One-Click Solution to QuickBooks Journal Voucher Printing

With QuickBooks Journal Voucher printing, you will be able to write the amount of the voucher in words. Besides that, you can do multi-currency transactions as well as column level subtotal With Journal Voucher of Elate QB Addins. We provide the feature of QuickBooks Journal Voucher customization in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, and all over the Middle East. Whether you have a question about the features of the Journal Voucher of Elate QB Addins or just want a quick demo of the feature, our team is ready to answer all your questions. 

Key Features of QuickBooks Journal Voucher Printing


  • Can be integrated with QuickBooks Online irrespective of country
  • Use any Currency
  • Support QuickBooks Essential, Plus, Self Employed, and Advanced Edition
  • User-defined Voucher Number format
  • Cheque Printing for any Country
  • Drag and Drop Voucher Template Customization
  • Email Money Receipts to Customers
  • Money Receipt Printing
  • User-Defined Money Receipt Numbers
  • Export any report to Excel
  • Role-based User Access
  • Drag and Drop Cheque Template Customization
  • Cheque Approval Process
  • Unlimited Multi-user Version
  • Supports any browser such as Firefox, Chrome, and many others
  • Audit Trail
  • Can be used through Laptop, Desktop, Tab, as well as Mobile
  • No Long-Term Contract as well as can Cancel at any time
  • Monthly Subscription

The key to your Business's Ultimate Success

Send Smart Invoices with Elate QB Addins – Journal Voucher

With the help of Elate QB Addins, you can create Journal Vouchers according to the needs and requirements of your company. Since this facility is not provided by QuickBooks accounting software by default, you need Elate QB Addins Journal Voucher in your system. To generate these files and reports for auditing as well as other purposes, this is a very handy tool that can be used within an organization. For your further reference and backup, Elate QB Addins for Journal Voucher also can be used to convert your QuickBooks data to Excel sheets. 

Customize Journal Voucher

Customize Journal Voucher in QuickBooks accounting software with the best QuickBooks journal voucher customization feature. We offer this feature in Dubai, Bahrain, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over the Middle East. We provide Journal format customization as well as QuickBooks journal voucher in QuickBooks. With this feature, you can customize the Journal voucher with the Header logo in the QuickBooks system software. In addition to that, you can also take the printout of the Journal Voucher in QuickBooks accounting software. Customizing Journal Voucher is one of the best addin that is provided by the QuickBooks for the ultimate growth of the organization.

Safe and Secure

According to your requirements by default, QuickBooks accounting software doesn’t have the proper option to print the journal voucher. However, this shortcoming of the software is covered with the help of Elate QB Addins. According to the needs and requirements of your business organization, this application helps you to customize as well as print the journal vouchers for the organization. It helps to keep and track the record of daily transactions safe and secure within the organization. This Elate QB Addin will make your transaction keeping a lot easier than before. 

Why Choose Elate QB Addins for your Business?

According to their standardized templates, QuickBooks prepares reports and invoices. It does not give you the freedom to completely customize the QuickBooks accounting software according to local government tax laws as well as your company standards. That is why Elate QB Addins gives you the choice as well as the freedom to customize your own Journal Vouchers along with your personalized company logo and fast reports. Besides that, you can type and print the descriptions and Account/Item names in the Arabic language in QuickBooks accounting software. With QuickBooks Arabic Font Support, you can get the entire documents as well as reports in the Arabic language. 

Why Choose Elate QB Addins – Excel import tool for Business?


Top-rated customer experience

The export-import tool of Elate QB Addins is always on top in terms of customer satisfaction.


Proactive support

To continuously analyse your problem, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins takes the extra steps and provides the best possible service anytime.


One-Stop-Shop for all your needs

To manage all of your business needs and requirements, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins has the expertise to assist you thoroughly.


On-time and cost-effective

Ensuring the quality standards on time with affordable price, the export-import tool of Elate QB Addins delivers solutions to your organization.

Record-Journal Vouchers for Penalty, Late Fee, Interest, and Other Dues in VAT

To raise the liability towards interest, penalty, late fee, or other dues, you can a record journal voucher within your organization. 


  • Go to Gateway of Tally and click on Accounting Vouchers. And then, F7: Journal.
  • There, click on the J: Stat Adjustment.
  • Select the required option in the Stat Adjustment Details screen.
  • Return to the journal voucher after pressing Enter to save the document.
  • Enter the amount of interest liability after debiting the expenses or party ledger.
  • Under Current Liabilities, credit the ledger grouped.
  • To accept the journal voucher, press Ctrl+A.


Similarly, by selecting the Additional Details in the Stat Adjustment Details, you can record the journal voucher as:


  • Late Fee: Late fee payable
  • Penalty: Penalty payable
  • Others: Other dues payable

Steps to Print Journal Vouchers with Elate QB Addins – Journal Voucher

Step 1: In QuickBooks accounting software, enter a journal entry.

Step 2: Go to the company and select make General Journal Entries from the accounting software QuickBooks.

Step 3: You have to keep the entry number empty in order to read the journal entries from QBDocs. If not, the journal voucher will not be able to sync to the QBDocs. However, it is important to keep the field empty.

Step 4: From the Journal Voucher printing window, read as well as print the journal voucher.

Step 5: Click yes to close the window if the journal voucher is printed. 

You have just successfully printed Journal Vouchers using QBDocs with Quickbooks accounting software. Undoubtedly, it will make your voucher keeping much easier than before. 


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