Elate CRM (Advanced)

Elate CRM (Advanced)

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Ultimate Solution to Boost your Sales Figure

Designed to keep track of your customers as well as provide constant support to them within the organization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software (Advanced) is the one solution to enhance your sales figures. It will help the ultimate growth of the company by helping you to take the right and well-informed decisions. Manage and analyze customer interactions and get reports that will reflect the reasons for sales growth with the amazing Elate CRM Software. Compile the potential customer’s basic information in order to provide the best products and services to them via Elate CRM Software. Moreover, Elate CRM Software (Advanced) comes with some significant features such as:

  • Initial Setup & Implementation
  • Up to 10 User
  • Modules Included- Leads, Opportunity, Proposal, Follow-up, Report, Support,
  • Expense, Target & Project
  • Additional User (each)


Advanced Modules of CRM Included in One Package

In a single glimpse, the CRM Interface shows all vital statistics and graphs that are comprehensible. As a result, sales representatives and receptionists are able to perform their duties faster. Not just that, they are also able to meet the sales targets that are given to them. Keep an organized record of all your customers and potential customers with Elate CRM Software (Advanced). Moreover, communicate with them via text message, e-mails, calls, or social media to build a long-lasting relationship. 


Undoubtedly, it will elevate your brand name and value. It is the best software for small as well as medium scale businesses. Take your profits to the next level by satisfying your loyal customer base in the market. Along with other management software solutions, get the best CRM Software (Advanced) for your organization. In addition to that, get the additional support and services with annual maintenance checks with Elate CRM Software (Advanced). 

All-in-One Business Solution for Every Business

Elate CRM Software (Advanced) is an all-in-one business solution for every organization. Besides converting potential clients into loyal customers, it also helps in many business solutions. Here are some of the things with which the Elate CRM Software helps:

Track all your potential leads and loyal customers:

  • Track sales executives and their performance
  • Use CRM software UAE to analyze your sales as well as performance
  • Streamline your workflow with ease
  • Never miss any potential leads or clients waiting for your response


Elate CRM Software (Advanced) provides:

  • Cloud application
  • Analyse Sources and their generation
  • Graphs that indicate the performance of the company
  • Accessible from all Mobile and laptops

Customer Service Smartsheet - CRM Dashboards

Get a concise view of all the important statistics and numbers of the sales, the performance of all the sales executives of your enterprise, and targets to be achieved by your employees with Elate CRM Software (Advanced). Generated on the dashboard screen, the graphs and the diagrams will give you a detailed report of your potential customers and everything related to them. The CRM Dashboard contains:


  • Follow-Ups Reminder and tracking
  • Leads Widgets
  • Sales Graphs
  • Automated Calendar for tracking sales as well as clients
  • Overview Widgets

How Elate CRM helps you successfully grow your business?

Lead Management

All the leads generated by the sales executives need to be updated in Elate CRM Software. Keep track of all the potential customers as well as their relevant information with this significant software. Fill in details of the interesting products, the customizations that they need in the product, and the price that they want the product for in this software. 


For further follow-ups and negotiations, assign the leads to the sales executives or the respective support team members. Escalate the new leads to opportunities based on their interest in your product or service that are generated by the sales and marketing teams. Get a report and analyze performance with Elate CRM Software based on how many leads are made by each executive. 

Employee and Client Tracking System

From their log in activities to the completion of their daily tasks, get reports on each employee individually on their performance. If they have met customers that have been assigned to them, have they met their targets, the number of leads they have generated each day, they are profitable to the organization or not, and many others. Get a day-by-day report of each employee as well as the work they have done regarding the customer follow-ups with the Elate CRM Software (Advanced).

Employee Expense Management

Starting from lodging expenses, travel expenses, and miscellaneous allowances, keep a record of all the additional expenses done on every employee with the help of this feature of Elate CRM Software (Advanced). On all the past expenses done by the employee for an entire year, the software will generate a report on your request. As a result, manage the employees’ expenses with the significant Elate CRM Software (Advanced). 


Get a free demo for Elate CRM Software (Advanced) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sharjah, Oman, and all over the Middle East. Provide highly efficient support to all your queries related to Elate CRM Software. Providing Elate CRM Installation to all our customers all over the Middle East. Get maintenance to Elate CRM Software (Advance) annually for the smooth running of the organization. Experts will provide training on Elate CRM in order to easily understand and can use the product. Get highly efficient online & Onsite Support to Elate CRM Software (Advanced). 

Convert Potential Customers into Loyal Customers Increase the customer base in your field by providing the best products and services to customers after compiling the potential customer’s basic information and requirements.



Create your “Potential Customer” database.



Qualify interested customers and convert them into successful deals.



Send business proposals to clients with automated quotation and invoice generator.



Get reports on leads generated, proposals sent, and successful sales. 

Services & Support for Elate CRM

Deployment-ready CRM

Elate CRM Software is a VAT compliant cloud-based software. It is one of the best CRM software for the organization as it helps in the ultimate growth of the organization.

All-in-One Application

Analyze, plan, initiate and manage marketing, sales and service activities with the leading SaaS CRM software. Get this all-in-one software for your organization to help you close more sales in less time.

State-of-the-art CRM tools

Elate CRM software is an effective as well as the best Cloud-based CRM software for landing page integration, market segmentation, and campaign management.

Efficient management of Services

Manage planned-preventive maintenance (PPM) as well as reactive or breakdown maintenance with Elate CRM software. Under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), create and manage schedules, requests.


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