Elate CRM (Basic)

Elate CRM (Basic)

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AED 2499.00

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Accelerate sales with Elate CRM

Elate CRM Software comes in several different formats such as web-based and on-premise. On one hand, On-premise Elate CRM uses a network of highly customizable onsite hardware as well as software systems. It requires software licenses to store customer data. On the other hand, Cloud CRM solutions exist on remote servers. In this version of Elate CRM Software, hardware upgrades, backups, software updates, security measures, and more can be done. Restrict your employees’ access based on their role in the organization with the Cloud-based Elate CRM Software. Keep your customer’s database safe and manage your employees’ activity online.

Highly Customizable CRM Software

Optimize your business with flexible Elate CRM Software (Basic). Boost your sales, marketing, and support with cloud-based software, Elate CRM Software. It offers affordable, cutting-edge, simple, and reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software to the organization. Elate CRM Software (Basic) enables the business to build personalized experiences and helps businesses to create deep relationships. Elate CRM Software trended as the Best CRM Software for small businesses as well as medium scale enterprises. Maintain better relations with your customers and clients with a Customer Relationship Management system and grow your customer base even faster. 

How Does Elate CRM Software (Basic) Help Your Business Grow?

The Elate CRM Software (Basic) has comprehensive features in order to encompass every aspect of the business. In a very short period of time, you get the Return on Investment (ROI) by using this software in your organization. This software enables you to use the data to increase revenue and maintain records of pre-sales and post-sales transactions of customers. Opt for a free consultation today in order to know how Elate CRM can solve your business challenges. However, it has some features to help you grow your business such as:

  • Initial Setup & Implementation
  • 1 User
  • Modules Included- Leads, Opportunity, Proposal, Follow-up & Report
  • Additional Users (each) will be chargeable


Key Modules of Elate CRM Software (Basic)

Introduce AI features such as predictive analytics, chatbots, face recognition, and robotic process automation with Focus AI to build better customer relationships. Elate CRM Software with AI automates and optimizes your business processes. As a result, improve accuracy and speed in the service, sales, and marketing operations. To support that, here are some of the key modules of Elate CRM Software (Basic):

  • Lead Management
  • Lead Management
  • Contract Management
  • Proposal Module
  • Follow-up & Report
  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Financial Management & Accounting

How Elate CRM helps you successfully grow your business?

Faster Sales Growth

Maximize the productivity of your sales team with Elate CRM Software. With the powerful sales CRM system, automate operations and close deals faster. With a personalized dashboard, increase conversions in the organizations. 

  • Cloud-hosted software automatically captures sales data. It allows access to them on any device.
  • Predictive analysis for accurate sales forecasting and actionable insights.
  • Through their preferred channel, engage prospect customers at the right time and shorten sales cycles.
  • Configure customizable price quotes.
  • Improve the conversion ratio for leads.

Unmatched Business Advantage

With a robust and effective CRM software platform, manage your business in a whole new way.

  • Intuitive, reliable, and secure system.
  • Meet business requirements with fully customizable software.
  • Streamline and manage a huge volume of customer information.
  • Smoothly run sales and marketing processes.

Optimized Customer Service

Provide exceptional service and support to all customers and clients with Elate CRM Software (Basic). It provides rapid insights into customer transactions in real-time.

  • Provide reliable and faster resolution to customer queries.
  • Deliver customer support through multiple channels.
  • Understand and meet customer requisites.

Seamless Marketing Automation

With our SaaS-based customer relationship management solution, create more opportunities in less time and effort. Through timely and appropriate outreach, gain more leads for the success of the business. Optimize your future marketing efforts by creating successful campaigns using actionable insights generated by the Elate CRM Software (Basic). 

  • Automate the marketing process and measure success.
  • Unify data and personalize customer engagement

Why Elate CRM Software (Basic) is the best fit for your Business?


Lead Management

From prospecting up to conversion, manage leads through all its stages with Elate CRM Software.


Order Management

Manages SKUs, inventory, pick-and-pack, and all other aspects of order processing with this software.


Reports and Dashboards

Accelerate real-time reports generation with accuracy by intuitive dashboards of Elate CRM Software. 


Opportunity Management

Starting from pursuit to closure of deals, track and manage data on sales opportunities.


Contact Management

While providing easy access, effectively track and store customer information with Elate CRM Software. 


Sales Automation

Streamlines and automates every task carried out in a sales cycle with Elate CRM Software. 


Customer Account Management

For effective customer relationships, Elate CRM Software (Basic) organizes company or division information.


Customer Segmentation

Helping you reach the most receptive customers, CRM software supports market segmentation. 

Many businesses make and accept payments in the form of checks. Especially, when large amounts are involved. But the process of manually writing and approving checks can be time-consuming and can invite a lot of errors. That is when Elate Cheque Printing (Advanced) comes into play. With amazing functions and features, it can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your organization. It automates the entire check printing process, thereby making your life easier. 

Services & Support for Elate Cheque Printing Software

Deployment-ready CRM

Elate CRM Software is a VAT compliant cloud-based software. It is one of the best CRM software for the organization as it helps in the ultimate growth of the organization.

All-in-One Application

Analyze, plan, initiate and manage marketing, sales and service activities with the leading SaaS CRM software. Get this all-in-one software for your organization to help you close more sales in less time.

State-of-the-art CRM tools

Elate CRM software is an effective as well as the best Cloud-based CRM software for landing page integration, market segmentation, and campaign management.

Efficient management of Services

Manage planned-preventive maintenance (PPM) as well as reactive or breakdown maintenance with Elate CRM software. Under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), create and manage schedules, requests.


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