Elate CRM (Standard)

Elate CRM (Standard)

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AED 2499.00

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Faster Productivity & Drive Profits with Elate CRM Software

Elate customer relationship management (CRM) tools help B2C and B2B companies run more effectively and efficiently. The software fosters productivity, automate basic processes, and drives profits within the organization. Elate CRM system is all about enhancing your marketing tools as well as nurturing customer relationships. Organising and automating communications, improve the customer experience in the organization. Collaborate, manage lead generation, track activity, and nurture relationships by implementing a company Elate CRM software system.

  • Initial Setup & Implementation
  • 3 User
  • Modules Included- Leads, Opportunity, Proposal, Follow-up, Report & Support
  • Additional User (each)

Why Elate CRM Software (Standard) and How does it work?

Elate CRM software tools free your teams up in order to connect more meaningfully with customers. Automate everyday sales processes and streamline communications by organising your data both internally and externally. CRM systems also make it simple for managers to evaluate progress with in-depth analytics and reporting to draw on. And, build more effective strategies going forward. 


Elate CRM software programs collect all your customer data in order to organize it in a central and online database. Across your company, account users will have direct access no matter if they’re office-based or not. You will be able to track and reference past interactions in a few clicks. In addition to that, you can track target prospects more efficiently and effectively through sales campaigns, automated outreach, and tailored marketing. That is how Elate CRM Software (Standard) works and helps in the overall growth of the organization.

Why Choose Elate CRM Software (Standard) for your Business?

Elate CRM software Dubai is a creative solution. It offers multiple mechanisms to manage staff, customers, sales, and marketing activities. It helps a user to manage project scope variance and exchange progressive project reports. It will keep a better relationship with customers. The modules in a CRM solution empower an organization in order to make the best out of leads as well as convert them into opportunities. 


We have a fully customizable solution and the best CRM software. The Elate CRM Solution aims to provide interactive tools in order to handle various processes within the organization. The Elate CRM software can be accessed from the cloud, used on-premise systems, or mobile applications. The best CRM software in Dubai helps a company align its marketing and sales strategies according to the trend analysis reports. 


Enhance Profitability & Productivity with Elate CRM Software (Standard)

1) Help your teams be more effective: Minimise work duplication with a consolidated view of your data through Elate CRM Software and pave the way for more efficient customer relations.


2) Drive growth through marketing: Elate CRM platform lets you build targeted campaigns with reliable customer data at your fingertips that drive higher growth.


3) Nourish customer loyalty: Gain an end-to-end view of the customer life cycle based on real-time data by using Elate CRM software solutions. Also, capitalise on up-selling as well as cross-selling opportunities with Elate CRM Software.

Boost Sales with Elate CRM Software Integration The implementation of a powerful CRM software system will charge as well as streamline the sales process. Create quotes & orders, progress leads, automate tasks, forecast sales, and convert information into opportunities using sales workflows with Elate CRM Software (Standard).

Target your Marketing

You’ll be able to launch tailored, effective, and data-led marketing campaigns with an integrated CRM system. It undoubtedly delivers a higher return on your investment.

Reach the right audience

Generate reliable business insights with Elate CRM Software (Standard) that you can use to target the customers. These customers are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Drive Exceptional Customer Service

To find customer information and identify the sources of leads, closed sales, and opportunities, your marketing team can use your CRM software database within the UAE and beyond. When customers place orders for your products or services, launch targeted email campaigns and track them using your business management solutions.

Satisfy you’re Customers

Enable your customer service team to resolve queries faster with a complete overview of engagement and with more personal responses. Tailored communications with Elate CRM Software (Standard) make customers feel seen.

How SMEs can benefit Implementation of CRM software


Consolidate your business information

You know you’re always acting on up-to-date information with all your critical business information. It includes orders, opportunities, communication histories, support cases, and sales quotes. Also, it is organised in a secure Elate CRM software database.


Streamline and automate sales

A good CRM system will reduce human error and saves time. It automates many of the manual day-to-day tasks. Including order processing, sales forecasts, lead management, and scheduling sales calls will make up the sales process with Elate CRM software.


Send targeted marketing campaigns

Generate reports in minutes after planning targeted marketing campaigns with Elate CRM Software. It makes sure that your communications reach the right customers and are effective. It gives you a higher return on your investment and faster.


Provide world-class customer service

Improve your customer retention rate and drive growth by putting your customers first and making sure they feel valued. Elate CRM Software tools can help you outperform the competition as well as keep customers happy.


Use analytics to improve performance

Generate reports on leads, sales, marketing, customer service, and more by using Elate CRM Software. You can even create bespoke reports with the software. To make sure your strategies are delivering, it measures business performance against KPIs.


Organize your contacts

Information like phone numbers, emails and postal addresses for all your contacts, the Elate CRM Software will store in a secure and online database. As a result, your team can access the details they need from anywhere such as desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. 

Many businesses make and accept payments in the form of checks. Especially, when large amounts are involved. But the process of manually writing and approving checks can be time-consuming and can invite a lot of errors. That is when Elate Cheque Printing (Advanced) comes into play. With amazing functions and features, it can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your organization. It automates the entire check printing process, thereby making your life easier. 

Services & Support for Elate Cheque Printing Software

Deployment-ready CRM

Elate CRM Software is a VAT compliant cloud-based software. It is one of the best CRM software for the organization as it helps in the ultimate growth of the organization.

All-in-One Application

Analyze, plan, initiate and manage marketing, sales and service activities with the leading SaaS CRM software. Get this all-in-one software for your organization to help you close more sales in less time.

State-of-the-art CRM tools

Elate CRM software is an effective as well as the best Cloud-based CRM software for landing page integration, market segmentation, and campaign management.

Efficient management of Services

Manage planned-preventive maintenance (PPM) as well as reactive or breakdown maintenance with Elate CRM software. Under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), create and manage schedules, requests.


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