Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Consumer shall purchase any product strictly abiding by the purchase and refund policies of PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC.
2. PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC shall not be responsible for any technical error occurred during the purchase of any product.
3. No individual has the right to charge PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC the responsibility for payment failure or purchase failure.
4. PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC is not liable to be subjected under any legal charging for technical glitch occurring in the website.

Refund Policy:

  1. Refund of any product shall be processed and money would be returned within 7 working days.
  2. Once the product registered and used once, refund is not applicable.
  3. Refund and return policy for products shall be applicable within 7 days of receipt of products.

Return Policy:


PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC is a self-contained e-commerce platform with its unique features and marketing elements and copyrights or replication of PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC shall not be entertained and subject to stringent legal action. Access of PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC information or technical server support system/ manipulation of PENIEL TECHNOLOGY LLC in any means shall be considered punishable offence.